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Find Vegetarian Recipes to Love. 100% Deliciousness Guarantee, Few Ingredients, and Incredible Taste.

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Trying to Find Vegetarian Recipes?

We’ve got you covered. On our blog, you can find vegetarian recipes that are quick and easy to make with a few simple ingredients. And incredibly delicious. You can quickly grasp recipe information – watch our videos, all under 60 seconds. Check a quick shortlist of ingredients with exact measurements for a perfect dish. Everything you cook is 100% delicious – we can guarantee it. We tested all recipes several times and described all hacks, tips, dos and don’ts. This way, we prepared everything for you to have the most delicious result on your plate.

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Why Cook with Us?

few ingredients and incredible taste

You can find vegetarian recipes with a few ingredients and incredible taste on our blog.  Let’s use simple, available ingredients that you already have in your fridge. Or can buy them at the nearest grocery store. 

100% deliciousness guarantee

You get a 100% deliciousness guarantee on everything you cook with us. We thoroughly create every recipe and test it several times. Only if everyone in our family approves and loves the recipe we publish it on our blog. As a result, every recipe is incredibly delicious and easy to cook.

Short Videos under 60 seconds

You get all the recipe information in short videos under 60 seconds. You can watch a video briefly and learn how to cook. Understand ingredients, cooking steps, hacks, tips, and dos and don’ts quickly. You can find the exact measurements in the shortlist. We want to share all recipe information quickly and easily so you start cooking less and enjoy more.

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Hi, we are Tanya and Ksenia. A mother-daughter duo who loves cooking with few ingredients to create an incredible taste. We love quick recipes. 20-25 minutes should be enough to make a lunch or dinner for the whole family. We love to share everything we learned; that’s why every recipe is full of hacks and tips. You will become picky at the restaurants once you start cooking with us. Because at home, it always tastes better.

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We are located in Berlin, Germany. You can find vegetarian recipes on our blog that we thoroughly create, test, and share. We love testing food trends, combining flavors, and making delicious food. And, of course, to share our love for cooking with you. Ksenia’s daughter is almost four and loves testing and tasting. Only after mother-daughter-granddaughter approval do we publish our recipes on our blog.

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Spending Less Time Cooking Gives You More Time to Enjoy

Are you always looking for vegetarian recipes? But everything you find online consists of 30 ingredients or more, some of which you never heard of. And the worst – it takes hours to cook? Finding vegetarian recipes with simple, available ingredients, and fast to make can be challenging. What’s more, as a vegetarian, you don’t always want to eat bland, tasteless vegetables. On our blog, every recipe contains a few ingredients and is incredibly tasty. Check your fridge or do a quick grocery run and start cooking. You can find vegetarian recipes full of balanced flavors, perfect texture, delicious seasoning. We want you to spend less time hustling at a stove. That’s why our cooking information and videos are brief. Recipes are easy, and prep time is as short as possible. 

Let’s Sneak Extra Veggies into Every Dish

Do you love vegetables but need to figure out how to make them tasty? We always look for the best cooking method for every vegetable. Especially for seasonal vegetables. So you can enjoy vitamins and deliciousness at the same time. That’s why you find a lot of how-to recipes and videos on our blog. And recipes, where we describe how to season vegetables to bring out the best flavor. Except for this, we always try to sneak extra veggies into (almost) every dish. So you can feel content and satisfied and enjoy balance and taste. Moreover, discover more vegetables and seasonings that go perfectly with them.

Less sugar or the Sweetest Option? Up to You!

Love desserts? Same here! We often sneak hidden vegetables even in desserts, and we are sure you will not notice them. We reduce sugar in our desserts, bakes, and cakes. You can even find sugar-free cakes and desserts if you want to reduce refined sugar. In any case, this is your personal decision. That is, we give you an option with reduced sugar. But if you like really sweet desserts, we suggest how much sugar you add for the sweetest option.