We share cooking videos, cake, or baking videos on our website. All videos are short and include only the necessary recipe information. A quick explanation of cooking steps. A short list of ingredients. And exact measurements. Everything you need for the most delicious result.

Short Cooking Videos

Are you looking for cooking videos but find them too long to watch? Cooking videos can be lengthy. A cooking video showing every detail is very time-consuming. Sometimes, you must watch the whole video to write down the cooking ingredients. And measurements of these ingredients. A lot of videos include tons of information. Some of which are unnecessary for making a recipe. Sometimes, you notice a recipe consists of an ingredient you don’t have. After investing time and watching a video. It’s very frustrating!

Our cooking videos are different. They are short. You only need a little time to watch them. We show all the cooking steps but not the very common details. For example, how to peel the potato. Or cut and peel the onion. Or all the details of making dough. Of course, you know how to peel the potato or cut the onion! We will share if there is a special way to cut for a recipe. But not if it is a common way to do things. Let’s shorten the videos to the most essential details.

At the same time, we always share the tips. You know, all those hacks you need to get the perfect result. Like how to make a date paste for protein bars without splashing water from a blender. Or how much pasta water to add for a perfect pasta sauce consistency. These seem small details. But they matter. Why? Because we want you to cook the most delicious dish you have ever tried.

Short List of Ingredients

Do you want to know what ingredients you need before making a recipe? Of course, you do! That’s why we always publish all ingredients and measurements on our website. Or under YouTube video. You can use the “Jump to Recipe” button on the website to get a quick list of ingredients with the measurements. And cooking steps under them. There is no endless scrolling. You are looking for recipe ingredients. We appreciate your time. And we want you to start cooking ASAP.

We are like your personal assistant that tests a recipe. And prepares all the information you need. Including a short video. Or your grandma. That opened her cherished notebook, where she writes all her best recipes. And translated them into short videos. Personal assistant or a grandma with a notebook. You choose :). Haha. Whom do you prepare?

Cake and Baking Videos

Do you love cakes, bars, and desserts? Same here! Moist, soft carrot cake full of crunchy nuts. And with easy creamy frosting on top. Or chocolate-covered bars full of protein. They’re all so delicious. And easy to make. The best way to share a moment with a friend or family. Or take time for yourself. Coffee, tea, or your favorite drink. And the cake you baked. So precious.

We also love cakes and desserts. And share the best way to make them. With measurements and ingredients. Hacks and tips. And baking steps to take.

Before making a video, we always test a recipe. We prepare a cake or dessert several times before shooting a video. Why? For the best results. So you can be sure it’s delicious every time you bake. We test recipes, measure all ingredients, and condense the information. So you know which ingredients you need and what baking steps to take. And estimate the time you need to prepare. And to bake. And, of course, all the hacks and tips. We love sharing them! Everything that makes cooking or baking quicker, easier, and smarter.

Vegetarian YouTube Recipes

Vegetarian recipes are the best way to feed the whole family. Or prepare for yourself, especially if you have a busy schedule. Vegetarian dishes are full of vegetables and melted cheese with a unique crunch. And delicious seasoning. Like our perfectly seasoned Brussels sprouts.

Or a recipe for a cold Asian salad with udon noodles. It’s not the kind of salad you feel hungry after eating. It’s a filling and very satisfying salad. You feel full for hours after eating it. And a salad dressing! It’s the best thing about the salad. Creamy, refreshing, sweet and salty. You only need 15 minutes to make this cold salad. 

If you are in the mood for something warm, try our black bean soup. Full of flavor. And an extra serving of plant-based protein. Perfect for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast.

Have you tried a recipe and have some thoughts to share? We would love to hear from you! Please drop us a comment under the recipe. Or a comment under a YouTube video. And if you are shy but love a recipe, like a video on Social Media. And rate a recipe on our website.