Yogurt Clusters: Watch Video for Recipe and Secret Hacks

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We made yogurt clusters so many times, and here are our recipes and secret hacks no one will tell you.

Slice strawberries. Cut them into small pieces so your yogurt clusters turn out nice and even. Plus, you’ll need less chocolate this way! If you don’t have any strawberries at home, you can use any other fruit you have in your fridge. Yogurt clusters work so well with blueberries, mango, and banana.

Mix maple syrup, Greek yogurt, and strawberries. Divide into servings on parchment paper and freeze for 3 hours. We recommend placing yogurt clusters on parchment paper, not directly on a cutting board. This way, you can easily remove them once they are frozen. Opt for Greek yogurt with at least 10% fat. Why? Because it makes a dessert incredibly rich and creamy. Except for this, it freezes perfectly. Low-fat yogurt becomes icy when you freeze it.

Now, let’s melt some chocolate. Dark chocolate works best here. Milk chocolate gets thick and clumpy when you melt it. And you end up needing way more than you planned for! When you melt dark chocolate, it is nice and fluid. It’s easy to coat yogurt clusters with it. But if you love milk chocolate, you can still use it for coating. Remember that you need double the amount of chocolate specified in this recipe.

Coat strawberries ASAP! You’ve gotta be quick, though, or they’ll start thawing, and the chocolate won’t stick. Keep that melted chocolate nearby, grab your frozen strawberries, and get to coating.

Finally, back in the freezer, they go! You need around 30 minutes, and yogurt clusters are ready. Keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy them. Give ’em 5 minutes to defrost before eating. You can keep yogurt clusters in the freezer for up to 3 months. That’s like all summer long!That’s it, enjoy! If you need exact measurements for this recipe, check the recipe on this page.