You want to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen?

You do not have to cook for hours! We are like your personal assistant who prepares everything. We test a recipe. We include all the necessary information in a short video. We simplify the ingredients and shorten the prepping. Now it is your turn. Choose a recipe and start cooking. And enjoy a delicious dish!

We Prep. You Cook.

Are you in the mood for a delicious dinner or lunch? But everything that looks good takes hours? And the ingredients list is endless? After all the hustle, it is not even tasty. We feel you. A good lunch, dinner, or breakfast recipe is worth a fortune. Sometimes, it takes ages to find a recipe. A lot of recipes include ingredients you’ve never heard of. And at the end of the day, it is not what you expect after you cook.

This is precisely where we want to support you. We are like your personal assistant who prepares everything in advance. We test every recipe so you can be sure it is delicious. We describe all the details so you know what works and doesn’t. We made a short video so you know in 60 seconds or less what ingredients you need and what cooking steps to take. We made a shortlist of ingredients so you can do groceries around the corner. Or shop online if you want to plan your meals. Convenient, right? We prepare as much as possible for you to start cooking now.

Hassle-free Delicious Desserts and Cakes

Do you also remember it from your childhood? Delicious Birthday and Christmas cakes and desserts your grandma made? She spent hours in the kitchen, and her cakes and desserts were worth every minute. Creamy, sweet cakes with deep, rich flavor. Where did she have the recipe from? Sometimes, she had it in her head. But in most cases, she wrote it down in this special notebook. And every time she baked, she made a recipe better. 

As our lives get quicker and more intense, we still want that delicious cake. And full of deep, rich flavor, please. But not the hours in the kitchen to prepare everything. On our blog, we collect delicious cakes and desserts. But they are effortless to make. You are sure okay with a dessert taking some time to cool down in the fridge or baking. But you want to avoid cutting, peeling, and kneading for hours. For us, a good dessert or cake recipe is hassle-free. You are in the mood for something sweet. You know, you can prepare it quickly. You can relax till it cools down or bakes. And now you can enjoy it! So we are like your grandma’s notebook with delicious recipes. But only with easy, quick, and hassle-free.

Our Favorite Dinner is Everything Under 30 Minutes

What is your favorite dinner? Pasta? Potatoes? Enchiladas? Our favorite dinner is everything under 30 minutes. Or better, under 20. And something we can warm up the next day when there is no time to cook. And it stays delicious. And saves time on a busy week. A packed lunch for work. That is why we developed dinner ideas you can make quickly. We tested a lot of viral recipes for you. And specify what you need to consider to make them perfect. Simple and fast dinner recipes are so valuable! That is why we collected them on our blog. If you miss your favorite recipe, write us. We will simplify it, test all versions, and share hacks and tips. And you will get the most delicious version of a recipe.

Have you tried a recipe? Share the Love!

Have you tried one of our recipes and want to share the love? We would be happy to hear from you. Leave us a comment or write us a message. We always reply. And we love hearing from you with all the juicy details about the recipe. 

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