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Get to Know Us and Look Behind the Scenes

Want to get to get to know us and take a glance behind the scenes? Or curious, why cook or work with us? We share our love for cooking and will be happy if you write us once you try our recipes. Keep reading, and you will learn why our recipes can brighten your day in 60 seconds or less…

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  1. Why Cook with Us
  2. Behind the Scenes
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Why Cook with Us?

Want to know more? Let us explain in detail why you need to start cooking with us ASAP.

Fresh ingredients are lying on the table ready to cook. Mint, rosemary are on a plate and tomatoes on the table. In a bowl there is fresh arugula.

Few Ingredients For the Best Taste

Are you looking for recipes you can cook now with ingredients in your fridge? Finding a matching recipe can be challenging. Especially if you are craving a dish and want to have it ASAP. Besides, you want to use ingredients from your fridge or those you can buy at the nearest grocery store.  A lot of recipes online have an endless list of ingredients. For some of them, you have to order online and wait days or weeks for delivery.

In our recipes, we love to simplify cooking and only use everything that’s available. At the same time, with a few simple ingredients, you get the best taste. Cook with us. You can enjoy balanced flavors, delicious seasonings, and perfect texture in every recipe. Ready for 100% deliciousness on your plate? Let’s start now.

100% deliciousness guarantee

100% Deliciousness Guarantee

Have you tried cooking a recipe you found online but only spoiled the ingredients? We can feel you. So many recipes look great in the videos and are a total disappointment once you try them. Spending hours at the stove and hating the result is the worst cooking experience ever. We test our recipes several times, showing all the hacks, tips, and dos and don’ts. At this blog, you get only recipes tested, approved, and loved by the whole family. Everything you cook with us is delicious or not published at all.

Watch All Recipe Steps and Hacks in 60-second or Less Videos.

Are you swiping through YouTube recipe videos and watching them for 30 minutes? Only to understand that you did not find the recipe you wanted? Stop wasting your time. You can find all recipe information in our cooking videos in under 1 minute. You can watch a short video with all the necessary steps and ingredients. And get all the hacks, tips, dos and don’ts in 60 seconds or less. Check the exact measurements of ingredients in a short list after watching a video. The same goes for cooking steps. You can find them under the ingredient list if you prefer to read and not watch. Get cooking information in under 1 minute, start cooking less, and enjoy more. That’s an easy way to brighten your day in 60 seconds or less.

Watch our Videos >

On a table stand glasses with fresh orange juice. Orange halves are lying on a table. Near them there are small oranges with leaves.

Behind the Scenes

We are Tanya and Ksenia, a mother-daughter duo based in Berlin, Germany.

We love to combine different food trends, simplify recipes, and get the best taste out of every dish. And, of course, share the cooking love with you.

Cooking was always a religion in our family.

Our grandma managed to cook quickly and get so much flavor only by adding salt, pepper, and a little seasoning. We want to keep the tradition and share with you simple but tasty recipes. You can enjoy them as your favorite breakfast to power up your day or lunch for more energy. Or dinner to feel great and have an amazingly good night’s sleep. 

In our kitchen, we love testing and combining food. Ksenia’s small daughter is almost 4 and loves testing and tasting. Only after mother-daughter-granddaughter testing and approval do we share recipes on our blog.

Why Work with Us?

Working with us, you get in front of a community that loves to cook and trusts us in the quality of everything we share. Your brand and product are represented authentically, showing real experience in the kitchen. 

Let us share more details:

  • Get in front of the community of users interested in cooking and sharing. We love sharing every detail of our recipes, hacks, and dos and don’ts with our users. Same for our community – they love trying our recipes and sharing their experience. 
  • Quality and trust. We test every recipe and share all the details for our community to get the most delicious result. We ensure quality from the first website visit to the last bite. That is why you get in front of the community that trusts us. They know if we recommend something, we try, approve and love it.

Authentic content. We make all our videos and images and show our experience in the kitchen. Introduce your brand in the most authentic way, and the community that loves to cook will trust and use it.

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