Freeze Tomato Sauce in Freezer Bags: Easy Tutorial

Tips on storing and defrosting

Freezing tomato sauce in freezer bags saves freezer space and makes dinner prep quick. Plus, you can portion the sauce into individual servings, so you only defrost what you need. It's super convenient!

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4. June 2024
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Why this recipe is great

When you have plenty of fresh tomatoes at the end of the season, make several portions of marinara sauce or tomato sauce and freeze them. With freezer meals, you’ll always have your sauce for fresh pasta. And save time when you need a quick lunch or dinner. Moreover, sauce made from summer bounty vegetables is much tastier than sauce made from greenhouse tomatoes. They get lots of sun and fresh air and are extra delicious and flavorful.

Let’s freeze tomato sauce in Ziploc bags to save time and freezer space. And make dinner in minutes!

How to Prepare Tomato Sauce Before Freezing

The most delicious tomato sauce is the one you make yourself. Here are some tips on how to make it extra delicious before you freeze tomato sauce in freezer bags:

  • Use Fresh Tomatoes: Make sure they have good quality.
  • Utilize Seasonal Tomatoes: When tomatoes are in season and extra aromatic, buy a lot and use them for sauce. A large bowl of fresh tomatoes makes a lot of sauce. And you can freeze it well. Defrost a few portions, and you have a tasty dinner ready in 10 minutes (the time it takes to cook pasta!).
  • You Can Use Tomatoes of Different Sizes and Shapes: Tomatoes of different shapes and sizes are great for making your own sauce. Chop whole tomatoes; this way, they cook faster.
  • Use Whole Cherry Tomatoes: There is no need to chop them. They also make a great sauce. Poke them a few times to cook faster.
  • Cook with Onions and Garlic: Add your favorite spices. Add warm water and stir to prevent tomatoes from sticking to the pan.
  • Blend with a Food Processor or Food Mill: Once the tomatoes are soft, blend them with a food processor or food mill.

Cooking Method:

  1. Cook in a Pan: Many recipes use a crock pot for tomato sauce, but we prefer a pan. Fry onions, garlic, and your favorite spices. Then, add the chopped tomatoes or whole cherry tomatoes to the pan.
  2. Rolling Boil: Bring the mixture to a rolling boil. Reduce heat and simmer until tomatoes are soft.
  3. Blend: Use a food processor or food mill to blend the tomatoes until smooth.
  4. Strain: If you prefer a smoother sauce, strain the mixture to remove skin pieces.
  5. Adjust Thickness: Add boiling water if you need to adjust the sauce’s thickness.

You can check out the full recipe for perfect tomato sauce on this page. This method works with small amounts or a large pot of sauce. Enjoy your homemade sauce whenever you need it!

How to Freeze Tomato Sauce in Freezer Bags: Step-by-Step

Let’s freeze tomato sauce like a pro using Ziploc freezer bags.
Have you ever found yourself drowning in leftover sauce without knowing how to preserve it? Or do you have a lot of tomatoes and are thinking of the easiest way to cook and freeze them? Well, Ziploc bags are the solution you’ve been looking for! You can use them for plain tomato sauce or marinara sauce.

We will show you step-by-step instructions on freezing tomato sauce in Ziploc freezer bags. It’s super easy and perfect for quick meals. Check out our tips on the quickest way to defrost the sauce.
Let’s face it: Sometimes, we want to precook our sauce and freeze it for a quick meal during the week. Freezing in containers can take up a lot of freezer space. And you cannot divide tomato sauce into servings using freezer containers. We like to portion our fresh pasta sauce so that we can even warm up one or two servings. This is impossible with plastic containers because they contain 5-6 servings.
Here’s the game-changer: you can freeze tomato sauce in freezer bags! We’ll walk you through a simple, step-by-step process to do it like a pro. Plus, we’ll share some tips on sealing and storing without taking up too much freezer space.

  1. Cook and Cool Your Sauce
    Make your tomato sauce and let it cool completely.
  2. Prepare Freezer Bags
    Grab some freezer bags. We recommend 12/18 cm (5/7 inch) bags that hold about 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces) of sauce. If your Ziploc bags are a different size, don’t worry. Use small bags for small amounts and bigger bags if you want to freeze 3-6 servings in one bag. The process is the same.
  3. Portion the Sauce
    Find a container or glass jars that fit the Ziploc bags. Place the Ziploc bag into the glass jar and pour the sauce into each bag. Placing the plastic bag into the glass jar makes it easier to pour the sauce. Use a scale for precision or eyeball it. This works whether you have small amounts of sauce or a large pot to portion out.
  4. Remove Air and Prevent Freezer Burn
    Remove as much air as possible from the Ziploc plastic bags. Using the method with the board is perfect. Pour the sauce inside, lift the side with the zipper, and lay it flat on a board. The side with tomato sauce stays on the table. This way, the zipper side is lifted, and you can press the air out without spilling the sauce. Now, the air is out, and you can close the zipper. This helps prevent freezer burn.
  5. Label the Bags
    Label each bag with the date and contents. This helps track how long the sauce has been frozen.
  6. Freeze the Bags
    Place the bags in a container to maintain their shape while freezing. Once frozen, remove them from the container and store them in the freezer. This method works well with small amounts of sauce or a large pot to freeze.
  7. Enjoy Your Frozen Sauce
    When you need it, simply defrost the desired portions. Homemade spaghetti sauce is ready. Enjoy.

Defrosting Tomato Sauce: Quick and Easy Methods

So, now you know how to freeze tomato sauce in freezer bags. But how do you defrost it? Here are a few methods when you’re ready to use the sauce. We’ll start with the longest and end with the quickest.

Overnight Thawing in the Fridge

First option: Move it from the freezer to the fridge the night before. Warm it up the next day, and you can enjoy it!

Room Temperature Thawing

Second option: About an hour before you need the sauce, defrost it at room temperature. This works great for small bags. If your bag is bigger, it might take a bit longer.

Hot Water Bath Method

Third option: A bit quicker: dunk the bag in hot water (around 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit or 50-60 degrees Celsius). Small bags with sauce defrost in 7-8 minutes. Warm it up with your pasta, and enjoy!

Quick Microwave or Stovetop Reheating

If you’re in a rush, here’s the easiest way: Cut the bag open, give the sauce a gentle squeeze, and warm it in a pan on low heat, stirring as it heats. You can also pop it in the microwave to reheat.

Freeze tomato sauce in freezer bags – enjoy space-saving, easy portioning. And quick thawing whenever you need that sauce fix. Whether it’s for tonight’s dinner or last night’s leftovers, these methods have you covered.

We challenge you to try this method and share your experience in the comments below. Happy cooking!

Testing Several Methods of Freezing Tomato Sauce: Tips and Hacks

We tested several methods of freezing tomato sauce. So, what’s the best method?

  • You can use ice cube trays or souper cubes, but they’re small. Ice cube trays are better for freezing tomato paste or a ginger and lemon mixture for tea, and souper cubes take up much freezer space.
  • Avoid glass mason jars or pint jars; they can break easily and take up a lot of freezer space, and plastic lids may bend.
  • Special plastic freezer containers are a great way to freeze the sauce, but only if you need a lot of it. It’s impossible to portion the sauce, and re-freezing will make it taste less good.
  • Our favorite method? Ziploc freezer bag.

Tips for using Ziploc bags:

  • Freeze your cooled sauce.
  • Pick the right bag size.
  • Put the bag in a glass jar for easy pouring. A scale helps.
  • Lift the side with a Ziploc and press out the air to close.
  • Store bags in a matching container until frozen solid.
  • Once frozen, stack them in the freezer; they won’t take up much space.

How Long Can I Freeze the Sauce?

You can keep the sauce in the freezer for up to 3 months. Before packing, cool the sauce to room temperature. Make sure to seal the bags tightly. Do not thaw and refreeze the sauce.

More Simple Pasta Recipes

Do you have frozen tomato sauce and want more delicious pasta recipes? Try pasta with ricotta and spinach. It’s extra creamy, fresh, and very quick. Or baked feta pasta. It takes some time to bake, but you don’t need to chop and freeze the veggies. Just place everything in the oven and relax until it’s ready.

Freezer bags with frozen tomato sauce on the table. The bags looks very flat, so they save a lot of freezer space.

Freezing Tomato Sauce in Freezer Bags (Video Tutorial)

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Freeze tomato sauce in freezer bags like a pro with this easy step-by-step video tutorial. Watch now!
Servings 4
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • tomato sauce
  • Ziploc bags


  • Make tomato sauce. Let it cool completely.
    Tomato sauce after defrosting and warming up. It has a rich, vibrant red color.
  • Grab Ziploc bags. We use small Ziploc bags to freeze one or two servings of sauce in one Ziploc bag. You can use big Ziploc freezer bags to freeze 5-6 servings. In our cooking video used 12/18 cm (5/7 inch) bags holding about 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces) of sauce. But you can use any size that fits your needs. The method is the same.
    Empty Ziploc bags on the table ready to be used for freezing the sauce.
  • Find a container or glass jar that fits your Ziploc bag. Place the Ziploc bag into the jar and pour the sauce into each bag. Using a jar makes it easier to pour the sauce inside without spilling. You can use a scale for accuracy or eyeball it.
    Placing a Ziploc bag inside a jar and pouring tomato sauce into it to prevent spills.
  • Remove as much air as possible from the Ziploc bags. Use the board method. Place the sauce in the bag, lift the zipper side, and lay it flat on the board. Keep the part of the bag with the sauce on the table. This way, the zipper part is lifted, and you can press out the air without spilling the sauce. Seal the zipper to prevent freezer burn.
    This is how you remove air from a Ziploc bag before freezing tomato sauce.
  • Don’t forget to label each bag with the date and contents.
    Ziploc bag with frozen tomato sauce with a label with date and contents of the sauce.
  • Find a container that fits your Ziploc bags.
    Placing freezer bags filled with freshly made tomato sauce into a container to maintain their shape in the freezer.
  • Place the bags in the container to keep their shape while freezing.
    Placing a container filled with freezer bags of tomato sauce into the freezer.
  • Once the sauce freezes, you can remove the bags from the container and store them in the freezer.
    Flat freezer bags full of frozen tomato sauce on the cutting board. Each bag is one serving of pasta.
  • When craving pasta, defrost the desired number of portions and dig in!
    Tomato sauce from freezer bags defrosted and warmed up, mixed with freshly cooked pasta in a pan.


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