Butter Sage Pasta with Crispy Sage Leaves in 15 Minutes

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This butter sage pasta is incredibly easy to make. You need 15 minutes and very simple ingredients. It’s perfect if you need a quick dinner or lunch. The combination of flavors is unique. The pasta is crunchy, minty and buttery.

First of all, prepare all ingredients. The cooking time is short, so having everything at hand is better. Chop sun-dried tomatoes into small pieces. Halve the cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes in this recipe are optional. You can skip them if you like. The main ingredient is sage. Wash and dry sage leaves. We cook it in butter and oil. Ensure sage leaves are really dry before adding them to a butter pan.

Choose your favorite pasta type and cook it until al dente. We recommend cooking pasta and preparing the sauce at the same time. This way, you can save time and spend less time cooking in the kitchen. And more time enjoying the dish.

We combine butter and oil in this recipe. Using both of them will prevent butter from burning. To start cooking butter sage pasta, preheat a pan. Pour olive oil. Add butter. Wait till the butter melts, and add dry sage leaves.

Fry sage leaves on above-average heat until crispy.

Remove sage leaves from a pan and keep them to add later to a dish.

Fry pine nuts in the same pan for a buttery taste.

For more flavor, add sun-dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Fry. 

Combine cooked pasta, sage leaves, pasta water, and lemon juice. Cover and cook on high heat.

Serve and sprinkle with your favorite cheese. We used feta cheese. Enjoy!

Remember that using too many sage leaves can make the dish bitter. Stick to the measurements in this recipe, and you will get a perfect butter sage pasta. You can find all the ingredients with exact measurements and step-by-step recipes on this page.