Chocolate Mousse: Homemade with Only 4 Ingredients. No Eggs. So Decadent & Intense Chocolate Flavor.

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Chocolate mousse: homemade from scratch, with only four ingredients, is incredibly delicious. You don’t need any eggs. The recipe is dairy-free. The mousse has an intense chocolate flavor. The prepping is very quick. Let’s start!

Begin by opening a chickpea can and straining the aquafaba. It’s water you get from a can of chickpeas. Use a sieve to separate chickpeas and aquafaba. You won’t notice its taste or smell in the chocolate mousse. It will give the mousse an airy and very delicate texture. We don’t need chickpeas, only the aquafaba in this recipe. Use chickpeas for another recipe.

Mix aquafaba with lemon juice and maple syrup. Whip for 10 mins: 2 minutes on low, eight on max.

Melt chocolate. Place a bowl with chocolate over a pan with boiling water. Stir constantly. We recommend using a dry bowl and spatula when melting chocolate. It will prevent chocolate from seizing and getting grainy.

You can use milk or dark chocolate for this chocolate mousse. We tried a recipe with chocolate with 40% of cocoa. And dark chocolate with 72% of cocoa. Both chocolate types worked perfectly. Only the taste of chocolate mousse is different. With milk chocolate, you get a mousse that is light in color and very sweet. So go for it if you love sweet desserts. And with dark chocolate, the mousse is dark in color and a bit bitter. But it’s so delicious. Perfect for dark chocolate lovers. That’s an advantage of making chocolate mousse homemade. You can choose from dark or milk chocolate.

Very gently fold melted chocolate into aquafaba in 3 stages. Combine very carefully to keep an airy texture. Spoon into molds and chill for 1 hour.

If you need ingredients, measurements, and exact steps, you can check them on this page. Enjoy chocolate mousse: homemade, rich, creamy. And so decadent!

Check the exact measurements, ingredients, and cooking steps on this page.